International Training Dissexuality Therapy

Goal of the Course

There is an undersupply of professional care for people with pedophile/hebephile sexual preference. The training program is intended to help alleviate this problem by providing mental health practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose and treat people with sexual interests in children, and by enhancing the possibilities of primary preventive treatment on an international scale.

The training program is based on the Berlin Dissexuality Therapy (BEDIT) model, which is aimed at people with pedophilia and/or hebephilia who are self-motivated and ready to cooperate in the treatment of their mental symptoms (depression, anxiety etc.) and who want to achieve behavioral control over their sexual interest in children.

The training is therefore specifically designed for therapists who wish to focus on this area of cause-related prevention of child sexual abuse, especially in connection with the establishing of additional contact points for people with pedophilic and/or hebephilic sexual preference, and who will orientate their approach on the quality standards of the network „Don’t offend”.

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